Elden Ring Raging Wolf Figma Figure Pre-Order
2024 年 2 月 24 日

Elden Ring Raging Wolf Figma Figure Is Now Available For Pre-Order #

Select Japanese retailers are selling the Raging Wolf figure from Elden Ring between $80-$90, which is quite a bit cheaper than Western stores.

Those who have experienced the immersive but often punishing adventure that is Elden Ring will be all too aware that some players found the game too long. However, there’s no denying the intriguing dark fantasy lore and the incredible art design featured in the Souls-like title, which is why Figma’s new action figure is particularly appealing.

The Raging Wolf set is probably one of the most popular attires to don in The Lands Between and a fitting ensemble for the Elden Lord. Accompanied by enough accessories to make the poor Torrent’s legs weak, this Raging Wolf figure is a must-have for fans, and here’s how to pre-order your very own.

Elden Ring Raging Wolf Figma Figure Pre-Order #

"Elden Ring Raging Wolf Figma Figure"

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"Armor worn by Vargram the Bloody Wolf, one of the first Tarnished to visit the Roundtable Hold."

Entering as No. 624 in the figma line, this fully articulated Raging Wolf figure is based on the popular character and armor set from Elden Ring. This piece comes with seven additional hand parts alongside a wealth of accessories and weapons to recreate a variety of poses. You can pre-order your figure from Japanese retailers cdJapan and AmiAmi for just over $80, as well as the Big Bad Toy Store.




6.3 inches 基于Vagram the Bloody Wolf所穿的盔甲,这款高度详细的figma动作人物模型捕捉了头盔、胸甲、护手和腿甲的纹理和经过战斗磨损的复杂性。由ABS和PVC制成的Raging Wolf模型配备了一系列武器和配件,使这个角色栩栩如生,下面我们将介绍盒子内包含的所有物品:

  • Raging Wolf模型
  • 7个额外的手部零件
  • 火炬
  • 铁圆盾
  • 混蛋剑
  • 剑鞘
  • 一瓶深红之泪
  • 双刃剑
  • 黑月巨剑

正如您可能已经注意到的,日本零售商cdJapan和AmiAmi都在预购这款模型,售价略高于80美元。而像Big Bad Toy Store这样的西方商店售价更高,为129.99美元,这意味着通过日本渠道预订可以节省大约50美元。


如果您想知道如何为《Elden Ring》中的Tarnished主角获取Raging Wolf盔甲套装,请考虑查阅我们的易于follow的指南。


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