2024 年 4 月 16 日

Adobe stated that they respect the decision of the regulators and will continue to focus on innovation within their own design software. Figma also expressed disappointment in the outcome but remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design tools.

The $20 billion USD merger was initially announced in early 2022, with Adobe intending to enhance its software offerings by incorporating Figma’s popular design tools. However, after facing scrutiny from regulators, the deal has officially been scrapped.

Despite the termination of the merger, both Adobe and Figma are committed to advancing design technology independently. Adobe emphasized its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for designers, while Figma reiterated its dedication to empowering creatives with intuitive design software.

The decision to abandon the merger highlights the importance of competition in the tech industry and the role of regulatory bodies in ensuring a fair marketplace for innovation and growth. Adobe and Figma will now pivot their focus towards individual advancements in design technology to better serve their respective user bases. 这些公司表示,基于他们对监管机构的反对的“共同评估”,“没有明确的获得必要监管批准的途径。”

Adobe首席执行官Shantanu Narayen在一份声明中表示:“Adobe和Figma对最近的监管调查结果强烈不同意,但我们认为独立前行符合我们各自的最佳利益。” “虽然Adobe和Figma分享了共同重新定义创意和生产力未来的愿景,但我们继续处于良好的市场机会和通过个性化数字体验改变世界的使命中。”

该合并最初于2022年9月宣布,收购交易总额为200亿美元,由现金和股票组成。作为交易的后果,Adobe将被要求支付Figma 10亿美元的终止费。